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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Yeesh. Blogger had huge technical difficulties yesterday and today. About 30 hours worth of posts and comments disappeared yesterday. This morning, it was even worse. Posts and comments back to Tuesday disappeared. Even Blogger's status update blog was affected, meaning the posts about the problem disappeared. They seem to have fixed it now, and restored the missing posts and comments. Fingers crossed...

Paul Janish is not in the Reds' lineup tonight. Edgar Renteria is at SS, and Scott Rolen is back at 3B. (Chris Valaika was optioned back to Louisville.) Janish is healthy, but Dusty Baker is starting Renteria because Renteria is 5 for 12 against tonight's starting pitcher Kyle Lohse (best head to head numbers in the lineup), while Janish is 0 for 1.

Brother. One, that's an insanely small sample size. Two, 35-year-old Renteria is no longer the player he was when he got those hits.

Renteria is batting and OPSing worse than Janish now. He had a hot start, but has fallen off a cliff recently. Probably partly a regression to mean, and partly playing every day when he's no longer up to it. Dusty said he wanted to rest him more; I guess he figured yesterday's off day was enough.

Oh, well. Dusty did say Janish would be back in the lineup the other two games in the series, so there's that.


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