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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pendleton's Second Outing

I guess the Yankees' plan was for Lance Pendleton to "shadow" Bartolo Colon. Colon didn't really need a shadow last night. He was lights-out. Like the Colon of old.

Nevertheless, with the pen exhausted, Pendleton got the nod in the bottom of the ninth. The good news is that his ERA is still 0.00. The bad news is that it's because he got the hook and Rafael Soriano cleaned up his mess. He walked Edwin Encarnacion, got a lineout from J. P. Arencibia, then gave up a double to Travis Snider. With runners at second and third and the score 6-2, Girardi had seen enough, and Pendleton got the hook.

Too many walks was the reason the Astros returned him to the Yankees after taking him in the Rule 5 draft. Guess he still has a few things to work on.


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