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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grand Theft Lillibridge

Second heartbreaking loss to the White Sox in a row for the Yankees tonight. But honestly, I almost didn't mind. Brent Lillibridge's two game-saving catches in the bottom of the 9th were so stunning I couldn't help but cheer for him. One against the fence, one a diving catch he barely got to. It was just unreal.

I admit, I love a great catch in the outfield more than any other play in baseball. And yes, Lillibridge's acrobatics reminded me of Bubba. I was thinking of him anyway, because the Pale Hose always seemed to bring out the best in Bubba. He had only four home runs in his major league career...three of them against the White Sox.

Lillibridge even looks a little like Bubba. He's righthanded, but is a speedy little guy. Lillibridge's ears are so prominent that some Yankee fans were calling him "Dumbo." Which reminded me of the NY Times beat writer who described Bubba as "all ears and enthusiasm."

Speaking of Bubba...I couldn't find Yankees Magazine on the newstands around here. I ended up subscribing. Still haven't gotten it. If that issue isn't included in my subscription, I figure there will at least be information on how to order back issues in the more recent ones.

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