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Friday, February 18, 2011

Taking infield

Better Off Red has more spring training photos. Quite a few of the pride of Rice University, Paul Janish. You can pick him out because he's the only one wearing knee socks pulled all the way up, like a school girl. ;-) Not sure that really goes with shorts.

Jamie Ramsey gushes about Janish's slick glove, then posts this photo:

Not sure to make of this. The good news is that Renteria is no longer talking about being the starting SS.

Renteria said he’s OK coming in as backup. “My job is to be ready and help (Paul Janish) the most I can.”

But it sounds like Dusty still sees Renteria as a SS.

“I want to see him at shortstop first,’ Dusty Baker said. “We got Cairo to fill in mostly at third. I’ve got to talk to (Renteria) first. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play second base. That’s a totally different thing with your back (to the runner on the double play).

“He looks strong. He’s been working out. He’s in great shape.”

Arrghhh. Don't even think it, Dusty.


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