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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Play ball

Spring training games are officially underway. The Yankees lost their opener to the Phillies. (Looks like Dane Sardinha, Bronson's brother, is still with the Phillies.)

The Reds have their first spring training game today. Yesterday, they had a split-squad game. Here's the lineup card from that game, courtesy of Jamie Ramsey:

The good news: Paul Janish was on the first string team. The bad news:

"You notice the common denominator here? Age," manager Dusty Baker said. "If I play them today, do I start off two days in a row with Renteria, Hernandez or Rolen? I don't think so."

Arrghh. Renteria? Does that mean he's going to start Renteria today? Apparently so.

Sheldon says, "Don't read into anything about Renteria playing over Janish. He didn't lose his job after one scrimmage. Renteria didn't play today and is just getting a chance on Sunday."

Janish went 1 for 1 in the split squad game, and didn't have any errors. So no, there's no reason to think he lost his job after one scrimmage. The problem is that so many of us suspect it's not really his job, no matter what Dusty and Jocketty say. And having Janish be the only "starter" not in the lineup for the first game isn't exactly reassuring. :-P


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