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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Andy Phillips was almost a Marlin

According to this article, Andy Phillips had offers from the Florida Marlins as well as the Boston Red Sox. They were AAA contracts, with spring training invites. If he'd been offered a big league contract, he'd have taken it, but chose coaching at 'Bama over minor league contracts with the Sox or Fish.

You have to wonder how his career would have turned out if he'd been drafted by a team other than the Yankees. Or even by the Yankees now, rather than how they were then. When Andy came up, it was nigh impossible for young, homegrown players to get much playing time. By the time he left New York, he was on the wrong side of 30, and had never really gotten the regular playing needed to make the transition to the big leagues.

Ah, well. Playing baseball is a short career, even at best. Best of luck in your new career, Andy.

And speaking of Alabama...this guy really took the Auburn-Alabama rivalry to new lows. He also doesn't seem very bright. Not only did he poison Auburn's Toomers Corner oak trees, he called up a radio show to brag about it. Did he really think he wouldn't be caught after that?

And get this...the guy's a former state trooper. He of all people should have known they could trace the phone call.

He admits he made the phone call, but says he didn't really poison the trees. However, tests of the soil around the trees show a lethal dose of the herbicide he bragged about applying.

The man never even went to Alabama, but was such a rabid fan he named his children Crimson and Bear. (That alone should be a jailable offense.)

What a maroon.


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