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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Scorebook

The Scorebook is sort of an annual/program book sold for $5 at the BBWAA dinner. It has short articles, illustrations, lists of past award winners...and a lot of ads. They sort of remind me of the kind of ads parents take out in their kids' school yearbooks. Some of them congratulate players or managers on their accomplishments. Some of them are farewells to people who have retired or died. And some are ordinary ads (YES, SNY, and MLB.TV were all represented).

The Yankees' ad congratulating Robby Cano and Phil Hughes:

The Dodgers' ad congratulating Joe Torre:

An ad for Torre's Safe At Home Foundation:

The football Giants congratulated their west cost namesakes.

(The Jets also had an ad, in memory of Bill Shannon, a sportswriter and scorer who died in a house fire in October.)

Yankees ad in honor of George Steinbrenner:

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