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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Reds' shortstop situation, part 2

Mark Sheldon weighs in:

If the Reds don't re-sign Orlando Cabrera, would you be satisfied if Paul Janish replaced him? Or would you want the Reds to sign a new starting shortstop? I know Janish has some amazing defensive skills, but his bat isn't that hot. What do you think?
-- Art O., West Chester, Ohio

I think it would more than fine if the Reds opened the 2011 season with Janish at shortstop. He's earned the chance with his glove and has defensive ability that is without question. He's a strong character guy, a hard worker and a team-first player. Offensively, he's also made some very nice improvements. Janish batted .260 with five homers and 25 RBIs over 82 games, and filled in quite well over 27 games in August while Cabrera was on the disabled list. With the Reds being much better offensively, they could have Janish bat eighth and a .230-.250 average over a full season wouldn't be as big a liability.

Unfortunately for Janish, he might find himself in a similar position as last year, in which the regular shortstop job could be his all winter, but not when camp opens. The Reds could still sign Cabrera for a lower price than the $4-million option that was declined, or a different veteran could be found on the open market. A lot will depend on how much money is left on the payroll after raises, arbitration situations and other needs are addressed.

I have to say, I'm kind of worried about that: that the Reds might make a last-minute deal like they did last year. It's not just that I'd like to see Janish get a shot, though I would. It's that there's really no one out there who's better than Janish. They'll end up with another Orlando Cabrera type: more expensive, but not as good as Janish.


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