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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yankees live to fight another day

Nice game yesterday (not least because I didn't have to stay up to an unholy hour to watch it). CC Sabathia wasn't exactly unhittable, but he got outs when he needed them, and the Yankees gave him run support. At one point, the Yanks had 6 runs on 6 hits, while the Rangers had 1 run on 9 hits. In the end, the Rangers 13 hits, but only two runs out of it.

There was a scary moment when Lance Berkman fell flat on his back. His feet just slipped out from under him. It looked like he hit his head, which was worrisome, but he said later he didn't. After losing Mark Teixeira yesterday, the last thing the Yanks needed was to lose Berkman, too. He stayed in the game, but expects there will be a lot of pain and stiffness today. Hopefully he'll be okay by Friday, when the Yanks face another do or die game with Phil Hughes on the mound.

Meanwhile, in Cincinnati...beat writer John Fay covers shortstop in his position-by-position hot stove analysis. He thinks Paul Janish is the way to go, but says it's hardest position to predict for the 2011 Reds.

One thing working in Janish's favor: he's cheap. The Reds' budget is extremely constrained. They have a lot of young talent they want to sign to long-term deals, and some expensive veteran contracts they can't or don't want to escape. They'll have to cut corners somewhere, and it might as well be at SS.


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