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Friday, October 15, 2010

Will Janish get a chance to start?

From Rotoworld:

Reds GM Walt Jocketty hinted Wednesday that the club is unlikely to exercise Orlando Cabrera's $4 million mutual option for 2011.

"It's probably more than we want to exercise, we'll try to find a happy medium," Jocketty told WKRC Sports Director Brad Johansen. "If not Janish would be our (shortstop)." Cabrera made around $3 million this past season and doesn't exactly deserve a raise after posting a .263/.303/.354 batting line. He may realize that on his own and sign back for less. Otherwise, the capable Paul Janish will take over on the left side of Cincy's middle infield.

Ugh. That has a "Bubba Crosby will be our starting center fielder" sound to it. Like Jocketty wants to bring Cabrera back, he's just negotiating a lower price.

Someone should send him this article:

Janish Time in Cincinnati?

Cabrera’s poor stick, recent injuries, and moderate price tag may be enough of a reason for the Reds to decline the option and pay the $1 million buyout. If not, Paul Janish should be. Janish has posted 2.0 WAR in his first two significant stints in the Major Leagues. His bat hasn’t been anything stellar, but since his disastrous first stint in 2007 (42 wRC+ in 89 PAs), Janish has shown moderate patience and good contact. He doesn’t have much pop, and some bad luck and a fly ball heavy batted ball profile has led to low BABIPs. It is those two factors which have largely driven his poor batting lines to date.

...His bat probably only plays at shortstop, but that’s not a problem for Janish. According to Baseball America, Janish has “nearly flawless footwork, soft hands and a plus arm.” UZR was insane over Janish in 2009, rating him at +11 in only half a season. That seems outrageous, but DRS and TZL nearly completely agree. He wasn’t quite as impressive in 2010, possibly due to splitting time between SS and 3B in the small sample, but he was still above average. Overall, Janish has a +12 UZR at shortstop that is supported, much like Cabrera, by a strong defensive reputation.

And Red Reporter has a mammoth Janish discussion today, along with a poll. Most are in favor of giving him a shot, at least if the alternative is Cabrera. Unfortunately, the decision is up to Jocketty, not the fans.


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