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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ugly ending

Last night's Yankees game was terrific...until the 9th inning. Andy Pettitte made one mistake, resulting in Josh Hamilton 2-run homer, but other than that, he pitched well, while Cliff Lee was otherworldly. Still, I was looking forward to the ninth inning. Lee was over 120 pitches; surely he was getting tired. And if they put the closer in, well, he couldn't be better than Lee.

Unfortunately, the Yankees imploded in the 9th. The bullpen couldn't get anyone out, and the sloppy fielding didn't help. The entire team just seemed to collapse. They gave up 6 runs in the inning, turning a tight game into a laugher.

What a bummer. A great game, ruined by the stupid ending. If they'd played well and lost, I'd just tip my cap to Cliff Lee. But that Bad News Bears impression was utterly galling.

And speaking of endings...Melky Cabrera has been released by the Braves. It's not exactly a shock. He did not play well this year, and at over $3 million, was not worth the money. He'll probably get a look from other teams, but I would guess it will be at a much lower salary, if not the minors.

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