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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Put a fork in 'em

They're done

The Yankees lost ugly again last night, and face elimination today. In the early game, so many fans won't have to be able to watch.

AJ Burnett actually didn't do that badly. He pitched about as well as could be hoped. But all kinds of little things started going wrong, and by the time "New York, New York" started playing, it was a blowout, and the Yankees' chances of recovering seemed dim.

Worst of all, Mark Teixeira's season is done. He was hustling down the line to beat out a double play groundball...and slid into first. Fans were puzzled. Teixeira is not Melky Cabrera or Brett Gardner. Why would he slide?

Then the trainers rushed onto the field, and the slo-mo replays showed the horrible truth. Tex didn't slide, he collapsed. He grabbed the back of his thigh, and dropped like a rock. Clearly a hamstring, and clearly bad - so bad his season was over.

It's not like Teixeira's been particularly useful at the dish lately. Swisher or Berkman will be adequate replacements there. (Bubba Crosby's former Rice teammate has actually been one of the better hitters in the postseason.) But the Yankees are really going to miss Teixeira's sure defense at first base.

Joe Girardi made some questionable moves that have many fans calling for his head. (Staying with Burnett so long, walking Murphy to reach Molina...who hit a three-run, go-ahead home run.) But given how the Rangers got to the Yankee bullpen, it may not have made a difference. The Yankees look flat, while the Rangers are peaking at the right time. It's not looking good for our heroes.

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