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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A new crop down on the farm

The Staten Island Yankees at the dugout rail

Another sadly baseball-less night. Even worse, it feels like winter. It's turned cold, and a nor'easter is roaring up the coast tonight. Probably just as well that the Yankees don't have home field advantage, because the weather's not going to be good tomorrow in the Bronx.

Nothing like memories of midsummer on a night like this. In late June, I went to a Hudson Valley Renegades game. They were playing the Staten Island Yankees. They are Class A-Short Season teams; the Renegades are a Tampa Rays affiliate. It's short season because the season begins in late June, so college players have time to play in the College World Series before reporting. As you might guess, many of the players are newly signed draftees, learning to hit with wooden bats for the first time. I was hoping to see some of the new draft picks, and there were quite a few there.

The Rays' 2nd round pick, Derek Dietrich.

Kyle Roller, the Yankees' 8th round pick.

Robby Price, the Rays' 13th round pick.

RHP Austin Hubbard, the Rays' 14th round pick.

Nate Garcia, Tampa's 16th round pick.

Michael Ferraro, the Yankees' 20th round pick.

The Yankees' 23rd round pick, Shane Brown.

Casey at the bat: 25th round pick Casey Stevenson.

Mike Gipson, drafted in the 31st round by the Yankees.

Robert Dickman, drafted in the 36th round by the Rays.

LHP Fred Lewis, drafted in the 47th round by the Yanks.

As it turned out, it was opening day for the Renegades. If I'd realized that, I'd have picked another game. Traffic is a nightmare on Rte. 9D at best, and so is getting in and out of the poorly designed Dutchess Stadium parking lot. Opening day made it exponentially worse, not mention a lot more crowded.

It was interesting to see the new recruits, but all in all, I prefer Triple-A. The level of competition is so much higher. Plus, you don't have to run a traffic gauntlet from hell to get to PNC Field in Scranton.

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