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Friday, October 08, 2010

Mathematician predicts Yanks-Phillies Series

Bruce Bukiet, math professor and baseball prediction champ, predicts that the that the Yankees and the Phillies will face each other in the World Series.

According to Bukiet's model, run before the playoffs began on Wednesday (10/6), the Phillies have an 18-percent chance of sweeping their series against the Reds, a 25-percent chance of winning in four games, a 21-percent chance of winning in five games and a 64-percent chance of winning the series.

...The Rangers have a 54-percent chance of defeating the Rays, Bukiet found, and the Yankees have a 53-percent chance of defeating the Twins. The Giants have a 52-percent chance of knocking out the Braves.

His page is here.

Wow, he really doesn't think the Reds have a chance tonight. It's almost 40-60 in favor of the Phillies.

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