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Friday, September 03, 2010

Janish goes jard

Paul Janish's home run ball lands in the stands

Paul Janish hit a home run tonight, off southpaw Jaime Garcia. It wasn't quite enough, though, as the Reds fell to the Cardinals, 3-2.

This game is probably the end of Janish's run as the Reds' starting SS. Orlando Cabrera was activated today, and Dusty Baker said Cabrera would be the lineup tomorrow.

Sigh. Tonight's home run was Janish's fifth this season. Orlando Cabrera has hit three - with a lot more chances. Janish's OPS is over .700, both for the season and in the month he's been playing every day. Cabrera's OPS is .641 for the season, and he hasn't reached .700 in any month this season.

I think Janish has proved that he's better than Cabrera, with both stick and glove. I hope Dusty agrees. I don't expect Cabrera to be Wally Pipped, but hopefully Janish has earned more playing time.


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