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Monday, August 09, 2010

Janish's stellar defense posted a video of one of Paul Janish's nice defensive plays. The description:

Paul Janish slides for a slick stop on Jeff Baker's grounder and fires a powerful throw to Joey Votto for the out in the first.

Powerful throw, indeed. Luckily Votto caught it, or it might have taken his head off. ;-) After making the catch, he said to Janish, "Easy, Paul! Jesus!" I guess Janish should save his 90+ mph fastball for his pitching appearances.

And ESPN has this bit:

With Orlando Cabrera on the disabled list and Paul Janish taking over at shortstop, the Reds have just one glaring hole: center field, where Drew Stubbs simply hasn't been getting on base often enough this season.

Heh. That kind of implies that Cabrera was another glaring hole, and Janish was the fix, doesn't it?

The Reds-Cards game is on ESPN tonight, so Janish will get a chance to dazzle a national audience with his "stellar defense."


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