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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy birthday, dear Bubba

Bubba Crosby is 34 today. Take Him Downtown has this blurb:

While Cabrera made his name in the banged-up 2006 Yankee outfield, an injured hamstring denied Richard Steven “Bubba” Crosby (1976) the chance to do the same. Bubba had a hit and an rbi with the 2003 Dodgers, then fortune smiled when he arrived in the Bronx with righty Scott Proctor in a swap for Robin Ventura in a 2003 trading deadline move. Crosby added four homers and 20 rbi’s with the 2004-2006 Yanks. Unfortunately, with Melky and veteran Bernie Williams rising to the occasion when Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield went down, Bubba was without a spot on the roster just a few days short of his 30th birthday. He signed with Cincinnati, but retired without reaching the major leagues again.

Today is also Melky Cabrera's birthday, but it looks like his entry was written last year, and not updated. They don't mention that he was traded after the 2009 season and is now sucking down fried chicken in Atlanta.

I was amused a couple of days ago when a couple of people at Pinstripe Alley were calling for the return of Bubba. Yes, they were joking, but at least they remember Bubba.

And at eBay, someone is selling a hat that Bubba wore in the Arizona Fall League:

Neat item. I guess he must have been a Javelina. And does the #13 written under the brim mean that was his jersey number, or did it have some other significance?

Happy birthday, Bubba, and many happy returns.


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