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Monday, July 05, 2010

Paul Janish, catcher?

I thought the above Fangraph was pretty cool. Paul Janish's two-run homer was the killing blow yesterday.

He plays SS, he pitches, and...he catches? The Reds are short of catchers at the moment, with Ryan Hanigan on the DL and Ramon Hernandez with a bad knee. Corky Miller is starting, and if something happens to him, Dusty Baker says Janish will be the emergency catcher.

Uh, boy. Nice that he's useful, but if he's the backup catcher, he's not going to get to play unless Corky Miller is injured.

The Reds are really struggling with injury all of a sudden. Starting pitcher Aaron Harang was scratched just before game time with lower back pain. Travis Wood is going on short rest. Not sure what they're going to do tomorrow. They have to call up a pitcher and a catcher, surely.

Injury is always the wild card. The Rays made it to the World Series a couple of years back, thanks in part to avoiding the injury bug. The Reds are riding high now, but they don't have a lot of depth, aside from pitching. They have to hope their players stay healthy.


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