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Friday, July 30, 2010

Lance Berkman, Bronx Bomber

It hasn't been publicly announced yet, but word is that Bubba's old Rice teammate, Lance Berkman, is headed for the Bronx in a deadline deal.

There won't be an official announcement until tomorrow, due to MLB rules, and I suppose it's possible Berkman may change his mind or be lured to another team by then. As we know since the Cliff Lee "deal," it's not over till it's over.

And there's no word on what the Yankees are giving up. Doesn't seem like it's much. The Astros are paying a lot of Berkman's salary, and the Yanks aren't giving up much in the way of prospects, either. Seems like a low-risk deal.

Berkman may be past his sell-by date, but the Yanks want him as a lefty DH, which he can probably handle. If he can't, the Yanks didn't pay much for him.

Very strange to think of Berkman leaving Houston, though.

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