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Friday, July 16, 2010

Free Paul Janish

Paul Janish did well enough in his last start. He didn't go 4 for 4 again, but 2 for 4 is very respectable. Which probably means we won't see him again until August. :-P

Baseball Prospectus suggests that the Reds should play Janish more:

Orlando Cabrera is the lone weak spot in one of the league's finest lineups—if the Reds are to look outward for help at any position by July 31, shortstop is the one, though giving Paul Janish more at-bats wouldn't hurt either.

And SI has this to say:

Orlando Cabrera, SS
The Reds' shortstop typically gets a pass on his hitting -- this year sinking to new lows with a .245 average and .283 OBP -- because of his slick glove. But this year he's only been a slightly above-average fielder this year, with a 3.1 UZR/150, which is a measure of Ultimate Zone Rating prorated to 150 games, or about what most starters play during the season. In 2009 he had a -12.1 UZR/150, meaning he's slowed a step from some of his more spectacular seasons earlier in his career. He could be pushed for playing time by reserve infielder Paul Janish, who has a .397 OBP in 30 games.

I'm not holding my breath. Everyone has noticed that Cabrera is well past his sell-by date and Janish should play more. Everyone except Dusty Baker, that is.


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