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Sunday, July 04, 2010

4 for 4 on the 4th of July

Janish celebrates his 2-run homer

Holy cow! Paul Janish had the kind of game dreams are made of. After being subbed into the game after Joey Votto was ejected, Janish went 4 for 4 with a home run, 3 RBIs, and 3 runs scored.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

“I was disappointed,” Votto said, referring to not making the NL team. “I would have liked to have gotten in on the first vote, but I still consider this an honor to be able to get myself a chance to go to the All-Star game with a pretty good group of guys.”

...“Middle of the year, you kind of get frustrated,” he said. “I didn’t keep my temper in check. I deserved to get thrown out.”

Votto then smiled and said:

“On the flip side, my replacement did pretty good.”

Paul Janish came in and took Votto’s No. 3 spot in the batting order. Janish played third base, with Miguel Cairo moving from third base to first in Votto’s place. (Regular third baseman Scott Rolen had a scheduled day off).

The seldom-used Janish merely had the game of his life: 4-for-4 with a homer and three RBI. The hit and RBI totals were career highs for Janish.

Nice that he admits he deserved the ejection, and gave Janish some credit for the great day he had.

This part is not quite as endearing:

Votto said a new fan vote may be needed.

“Have the fans vote in who starts,” Votto said. “Paul Janish, myself or Miguel Cairo.”

Maybe he didn't mean it the way it sounds, but it kinda comes across like he's dissing Janish and Cairo. Yeah, I know, they aren't the star players Votto is, but no need to rub it in.


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