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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Janish sighting

Photo by Brian Baker

The Cincinnati Reds are on a roll now. And it looks like Dusty's going to give Paul Janish one start a week.

Last Tuesday, Janish started at 3B. He went 1 for 3 with a walk, and it was his single that started off the 9th inning rally that won the game.

Janish led off the ninth with a single before Rolen's day off came to an end. Hoffman has the most saves in big league history, but he'd blown four saves coming into Tuesday and converted only five. In 12 career at-bats against Hoffman, Rolen had five hits and three home runs.

"I knew Scott was on deck and he's had some success against Trevor and maybe if I could get on, he'd hit a homer," Janish said.

I wish Dusty would give him more playing time, but he is getting the start at SS tonight. And it's probably the ideal time to start him. Janish's left/right splits are rather extreme, and there's a lefty on the mound for the Pirates (Paul Maholm). Mike Leake is on the mound for the Reds - their only groundball pitcher. You need infield defense the most with a groundball pitcher.


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