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Saturday, May 08, 2010


Well, the Yankees killed the Red Sox today. So much so that the Sox ended up putting an outfielder on the mound. That was different. Usually, it's an infielder, I guess because they can at least field the position.

Jonathan Van Every gave up a homer to Mark Teixeira, boosting his ERA to 54.00. I thought for awhile that he might break Paul Janish's record, but he got Robby Cano and recent SWB Yankee Kevin Russo out, lowering his ERA to 27.00. Janish's record 49.50 ERA is safe!

The Reds also won a blowout game today, against their arch-rivals, the Cubs. Janish didn't get to play until the top of the ninth. I guess Dusty Baker is afraid to take his starters out until there's a 12-run lead in the 9th. :-P

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