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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


It's only one game into the season...but I fear the Reds made a big mistake when they signed Orlando Cabrera. It's not that he went 0 for 5 at the plate. It's that he looked terrible on defense. He may have two Gold Gloves, but he's clearly not the player he was then. He has a range of about three feet, and looks like he's running in wet concrete.

To make it worse...third baseman Scott Rolen also missed some balls he would have gotten to a couple of years ago. He hit well and isn't terrible at 3B, but I have a feeling that other teams are going to catch on pretty quick. The left side of the infield is 16 years older than the right side, and it shows.

It wouldn't be so bad if Dusty Baker could be relied on to use Paul Janish as LIDR. But judging from previous seasons...he won't. Probably because you don't put a LIDR in for a Gold Glove SS. Even if that SS is well past his sell-by date.

I really wish the Reds had gone with Janish. With their young pitching staff and questionable pen, they need strong defense up the middle, not a defensive black hole.


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