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Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Dawson Award

The James P. Dawson award is given each spring to the best rookie in Yankees spring training camp. Dom Amore, the Hartford Courant Yankees beat writer back when they had a beat writer, has this story, about when Bubba Crosby won it.

The voting for the Dawson award is always a highlight of spring training for those who cover it. It's named for a great New York baseball writer who passed away during spring training in 1953. During my time as vice chairman of the New York chapter, I got the chance to present it on the field to Bubba Crosby. A lot of fun to be on the field just as a game is about to start. The winner gets a nice watch, but that year the watch hadn't been delivered yet, so I presented Bubba with an empty box!

He also has a complete list of winners. (Andy Phillips won it the year after Bubba.)


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