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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Old and New

The new Yankee Stadium on the left, the old on the right

Yankee Stadium tours resumed today. Hearing that, and seeing the coverage of the demolition of the old stadium made me want to go to the city to see both stadiums. The stadium tours were sold out, as I sort of expected, but I decided to go anyway. It was a beautiful day for a day trip.

I'd never been to the new Yankee Stadium train station before. It is huge. It was kind of strange to see it in the off-season. It's sized for big game day crowds, but almost no one was there.

It's a beautiful station. Totally state of the art, with LED boards both upstairs and down by the tracks telling you which trains are arriving on which tracks. (The usual Metronorth station leaves you wondering what platform to stand on, straining to hear a staticky PA system, and running up and down the stairs trying to get to the right track before the train leaves.)

There's an overpass going from the train station to the stadium. The stairs from the overpass come down by the giant bat.

The path to the new stadium leads alongside the old one, at least for now.

The infield part of the shell still looks fairly normal. You can see holes along the top, though - presumably where the upper deck used to be attached.

The widest crosswalk I have ever seen crosses the street to the new stadium. They call that area "Babe Ruth Plaza."

Gate 4 of the new stadium.

There were a lot of people, tourists and locals, taking pictures of both the old and new stadiums.

The remains of the old stadium, as seen from the elevated subway station nearby.

Goodbye, old friend.

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