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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Miggy the Slugger

Miguel Cairo had another good day at the park. He hit a home run. It's only two games, but so far, he's responsible for all the points the Reds have scored in spring training so far. If he keeps it up, Paul Janish might have something to worry about.

In other news...I've had to change the settings of my blog. I was being hammered by spam, posted as comments to old posts. It's stupid, because few real live people will read the comments of old posts, and Blogger uses "no follow" to discourage "link spam." I'm really not sure what they were hoping to accomplish. A lot of it was designed to seem like real comments, but so clumsy it wouldn't fool anyone. Usually link spammers don't bother with niceties; they just post a huge block of links, with no other text. These guys were very incompetent spammers.

But I got tired of constantly deleting the messages, so now comments on posts older than two weeks are moderated. They will not appear until I approve them. I doubt this will affect many legitimate posters.

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