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Friday, March 05, 2010

Backup shortstops save Reds from being blanked

Miguel Cairo

The Reds had their first spring training game today, and would have been blanked by the Indians, except for a couple of their reserve infielders. In the ninth, Miguel Cairo hit an RBI double, ending the shutout. Miggy got to 3B on a groundout, then got home on a Paul Janish sac fly.

Meanwhile, in the Grapefruit League, Joba Chamberlain had a rough day at the office. has an article about Melky Cabrera. Sounds like he will be a fourth outfielder in Atlanta. He'll be rejoining Scott Proctor there, who said of Melky, "He was by far the best defensive outfielder we had." (Oh, no he wasn't. Bubba was better. Melky plays too deep. Probably because he doesn't handle balls hit over his head very well. Though he improved on that a lot during his years in the Bronx.)

And there's an interesting tidbit from Peter Gammons. Could MLB really be considering breaking up the Yanks and the Red Sox?

One suggestion to slow down the economic impact the Yankees and Red Sox have on small-market teams is to break them up and move one of them into another division. The suggestion is to put the Yankees and Mets in the same division and the Red Sox and Rays in another.

"That way, the Yankees and Red Sox won't be competing with one another," says one official, "and reacting to every move the other makes."

I can't believe they would consider that, with all the money they make off the storied rivalry. I suppose Yanks-Mets might make up for that, but that just doesn't have the history the Yanks and Sox have. What next? Breaking up the Redskins and the Cowboys, or Michigan and Ohio State?


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