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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Spring training is underway for almost all the teams, but it's far from spring-like around here. Accu-Weather is predicting a "snow hurricane" or "snowicane" tonight and tomorrow. I'm not sure it will be all that bad; so far, not nearly as much snow as predicted has fallen. But who knows. It's supposed to snow all night, into Saturday even.

Lance Berkman is talking about leaving Houston:

Berkman is entering the final season of a six-year, $85 million contract. The Astros have a club option worth $15 million for 2011. If they don't exercise it, there is a $2 million buyout.

When asked about his take on the contract situation Wednesday, Berkman made a few jaws drop, saying if he fails to deliver this season and the Astros don't pick up his option for 2011, he will be looking for work elsewhere.

“I may have to, whether I like it or not,” said Berkman, a veteran of 11 seasons in the majors. “It may come down to a situation where if things don't go well, they don't pick up my option, then I probably won't be back.

“If they don't pick it up, I'll probably take my ball and go home.”

Don't get him wrong. Having spent his professional career with the Astros since he was drafted out of Rice in 1997, Berkman would love nothing more than to retire in a Houston uniform.

He said it was a matter of principle:

“If they don't pick up my option, then to me that says they may like me to come back at a discount, but they don't really want me,” Berkman said. “If that's the case, then I'll just see what else is out there.”

He later added it wouldn't bother him if he had to retire after the season if the option were not picked up, although he would be inclined to keep playing.

Wow. It's kind of hard to imagine Lance Berkman anywhere but Houston.

Pretty short transaction report from Baseball America this week. Jeff Weaver signed a minor league deal with the Dodgers again. Must be strange to go from making $9 million a year to minor league money.

Weaver was not beloved by Yankees fans, but they'd probably have been better off keeping him, seeing as the player they traded him for was Kevin Brown.

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