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Monday, February 22, 2010

Chan Ho Park?

I didn't see this one coming - the Yanks have signed Chan Ho Park. I thought they had enough relievers.

And the Reds have signed Jonny Gomes. It's a major league deal. I'm surprised at that. I would have thought they could have gotten away with just a minor league deal.

The Reds really need a power bat, but I'm not sure about Gomes. He's a very likable guy, and he certainly can rake it, but his defense is atrocious. I fear if he starts, his glove will taketh away more than his bat giveth.

And I came across this link:

Golf gives new goal to former Blue Jays youngster after loss of leg in accident

The title pretty much says it all. Manuel de los Santos was a hot prospect at 18, but his MLB dream ended when a motorcycle crash cost him his leg. He is now aiming for a golf career. He’s got a one-legged swing, with a baseball bat grip. And special crutches that don’t damage green.

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