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Friday, January 29, 2010

Videos from Reds Caravan

Reds beat writer John Fay has a couple of videos from Reds Caravan.

(Reds Caravan is an off-season thing the Reds do. They send various players, staff, and announcers around the very large Reds territory to meet with fans. They also do Redsfest in December, where fans pay to get in to see the players, buy Reds game-used stuff, etc. Too bad the Yankees don't do anything like that, but there would probably be a riot if they did.)

Anyway, in the first video, Brandon Phillips talks about giving Janish a chance, and Janish is interviewed in the second one. He says he's more confident than he's ever been going into spring training, because he's practicing more mindfully. (Which is good. According to research, deliberate practice - not just any old practice - is the path to greatness.)

Unfortunately, it look like the Reds are serious about Orlando Cabrera. Ugh. Please, please, no.

In other hot stove news, Jose Veras signed a minor league deal with the Marlins, and the Jays are reportedly interested in Johnny Damon. Ironic if he ends up in Toronto. The Yankees usually rested him in Toronto, because they felt the turf was bad for his oft-injured legs. Though I suppose he could DH.


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