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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miguel Cairo signs with the Reds

Following in the footsteps of Bubba Crosby and Andy Phillips, Miguel Cairo has signed a minor league deal with the Cincinnati Reds.

Reds fans aren't too enthused, but I think this could be a good move for them. I was just thinking that they really need a backup infielder. In particular, a guy who can play SS. It looks like Paul Janish is going to be their starting SS, but that leaves no one on the roster who can back him up. Adam Rosales and Drew Sutton might all right for a game or two, but if Janish went on the DL or something (knock on wood), it would be ugly.

I haven't seen much of Miggy since he and the Yanks parted ways, but I remember him as having an excellent glove at SS. He could play the other infield positions, too, and was even the Yankees' emergency catcher. The Reds could use someone like that...if his skills haven't eroded too much. I think he has a chance to make the roster; I'd rather have him than Adam Rosales.

And of course, the really big news today: Randy Winn signed with the Yankees. Which means the Yanks will probably pass on Johnny Damon. Meanwhile, Xavier Nady has signed with the Cubs.

Mike Silva thinks the failure to come to terms with either Damon or Nady is a reflection of the Yankees' poor relationship with their agent: Scott Boras.

I have to say, Randy Winn seems like an odd choice. They already have a boatload of lefties, and Winn isn't good against southpaws. I can't help thinking that they may yet sign another outfielder.

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