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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot Stove Update

I thought Doug Mientkiewicz had decided to call it a career, but he's back this year. He's signed a minor league deal with Dodgers. The Trolley-Dodgers also signed former Yankees Angel Berroa, Josh Towers, and Nick Green. Ken Rosenthal reports:

Green is coming off back surgery but is behind schedule in his recovery. When he's healthy, he'll be the primary backup for Rafael Furcal.

Wow. Nick Green looked like a career minor leaguer, until injuries gave him an opportunity with the Sox last year. Could he reinvent his career at age 31?

And could the Braves be headed to the World Series this year? They've signed Eric Hinske, the human good-luck charm. Last year, it looked like Hinske's streak as a good-luck charm was coming to an end, when he signed with the Pirates, but the Pirates traded him to the Yankees, and the streak continues.

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The Rakuten Eagles have agreed to terms with former Hiroshima Carp infielder Andy Phillips, the club said Wednesday.
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