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Monday, January 11, 2010

Football-less Monday Night

Boy, Mondays are rough when there's no Monday Night Football awaiting after work. Football season is winding down, which I always find a bit depressing. Perhaps because it happens in the depths of winter, the dreariest time of year.

The NFL playoff games so far have been pretty dull, except for the Arizona-Green Bay game. That was insane. The kind of game that makes you think, "This is why I love football!"

Dallas is probably the cream of the NFC now. I was worried about how they'd do against the Pack; they've already lost to them once this season. Now, they won't have to face them again.

And Andy Phillips must be happy; Alabama is the undisputed national champion. You have to wonder what would have happened if Colt McCoy hadn't been injured, though. I'm hardly a Longhorn fan, but it was hard not to feel for McCoy. Poor kid. Playing for a national championship was his dream, what he'd worked for his whole life. He thought he might lose, but he never expected to be on the sidelines with an injury after only five plays. Sports. It'll break your heart every time.

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Now that Alabama has beaten Texas, name the only school that Alabama has played more than once and never beaten in football?
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