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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Adios, Ajax

Yankee fandom is abuzz over today's three-way, blockbuster trade. Bottom line, Yankees give up Phil Coke, Ian Kennedy, and Austin Jackson for Curtis Granderson.

Coke is definitely expendable. I'm sorry to see Kennedy go, though. And really bummed to see Austin Jackson traded before he even got a cup of coffee.

I know, a prospect is only a prospect, and the Yankees can't keep them all. But I liked Ajax. Good speed, good glove, and seemed like a really nice guy.

Peter Gammon said on the radio that Melky would stay in CF, and Granderson move to left, but that seems ridiculous to me. If the Yanks really said that, it was meant as a negotiating ploy for Johnny Damon. (Kinda like "Bubba Crosby will be our opening day center fielder. ) You don't trade for a player like Curtis Granderson, then put him in left field. Moving Melky to left field makes no sense, either. He doesn't have the stick to be a corner outfielder.

The only way it makes sense for the Yankees to give up three players like Coke, Kennedy, and Austin is if Granderson replaces Melky. Otherwise, the team is not improved.

So what's to become of Leche? He might become the 4th outfielder. Or he could be traded; the Cubs are among the teams interested.

In any case, think this trade means the Yankees have given up on both Melky and Gardner as starting center fielders.

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