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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Ghosts of Playoffs Past

Well, the good news is that Bubba Crosby got his photo in Sports Illustrated.

The bad news: it’s in the MLB Postseason Bloopers feature.

Yup, that freakin' collision again. At least Mr. Corcoran correctly puts the blame on Sheff, not Bubba.

The Yankees had a 2-1 lead in the second inning of the decisive game of the 2005 ALDS in Anaheim when, with two out and two on, Adam Kennedy lifted a fly ball to the warning track in right-center off Mike Mussina. Speedy center fielder Bubba Crosby settled under the ball, but Gary Sheffield, tracing the ball while looking over his shoulder and away from Crosby, who didn't appear to call for the ball, made a leaping attempt for the catch. Sheffield landed on Crosby and the ball fell for a two-RBI triple, giving the Angels a lead they never gave back.

That truly was the game from hell. All anybody remembers is that collision, but there was Torre calling a hit and run, and Bernie missing the sign, hanging Cano out to dry. Cano being called out for running outside the box by crabby Joe West. That crushing A-Rod GIDP. Had any of those gone differently, the game and the season might have been a very different story. Alas.


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