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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Roster shuffle

Cody Ransom was DFA'd today, to make room for pitcher Anthony Claggett. I guess the Yanks had no faith in Mitre. Claggett is expected to get just a cup of coffee, then be swapped for Ramiro Pena.

Former Yankee Jose Veras has been DFA'd by the Indians.

And Brett Tomko, released last week by the Yanks, has signed with Oakland.

The upcoming Red Sox series looms very large over the Yankees. First place in the AL East is at stake. And the Yanks have not beat the Sox once this year.

The Bronx Bombers are on a roll right now, but I can't help thinking they're going to have to make a move to get another starting pitcher. Not only is Mitre not cutting it, Joba will soon reach his innings limit, and either be shelved or moved to the pen. Maybe Hughes will take his place as a starter (though I'm not sure stretching him out during the season is a good idea). But that still leaves the team needing a fifth starter. Kei Igawa? The newly signed Russ Ortiz?

I still think the Yanks might trade for someone like Bronson Arroyo. Arroyo is way overpaid, but he's the kind of player who will clear waivers, and thus be tradeable at this point in the season. Big stars and bargain players won't clear waivers. Bronson Arroyo likely will.

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