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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, dear Bubba

The other day, "Yanksfan" signed the guestbook, saying:

Just got done watching the 7/1/04 13 inning game between the Yanks and Red Sox. What a game to have been a part of! Hope you can make it back to the majors cuz you have the talent!

I happened to be watching that Yankees Classic game, too. (I suspect a lot of fans were; it was a day off for the Yankees, so there was no live game to watch.) Bubba did okay in that game, though it was Flaherty with the walkoff hit. Bubba was so excited, bouncing up and down at the dugout rail. It was nice to see him again, if only on a re-broadcast.

Was that really five years ago? It seems like yesterday.

Happy birthday, Bubba. Many happy returns.

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