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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Best wishes, Soft-J

According to Tom Groeschen of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Paul Janish is getting married.

JANISH TO WED: Chatting with Paul Janish today in the clubhouse about winter ball (he might play in Mexico), and Janish revealed that he will be married Nov. 21 to Maria Fadool.

"She's a lucky girl," Janish quipped.

Janish, 26, is an outstanding defensive shortstop who does not play much. He has made 22 starts this year, most recently Aug. 3. He is hitting .216 with no homers and three RBI, in 88 at-bats.

Of winter ball, Janish said: "I'll try to get some playing time, so I can come into camp sharp."

Maria played soccer at Rice. So their kids should be good athletes. ;-)

It's more than a little baffling, how little playing time Janish gets. He's so buried on the bench that it's become a running joke. At Reds blog Red Reporter, Janish's name is crossed out on the 40-man roster listed on the sidebar...because he's seen so rarely he might as well not be on the team. Why is Janish the invisible man, when guys like Adam Rosales - who lost out to Janish in spring training - get to play?

Dusty Baker gets a lot of abuse from Reds fans. Goofy lineups, bad bullpen use, clubhouse discipline - all the usual things. But the only thing that really bothers me is his use of the bench. You cannot leave someone on the bench for weeks, then expect him to play well when you need him. Especially young players who are still making the adjustment to the big leagues.

The Reds are not making the post-season. They're just going through the motions at this point. What do they have to lose by giving young players like Janish a look? Give him a chance, see if he can figure it out.

It's given me a new appreciation for Joe Torre. Even though the Yankees are an AL team, with less need for player substitutions, Torre made a real effort to give everyone on the roster some playing time. At least compared to Dusty Baker.


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