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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th

Baseball commemorative Oreos

Alas, poor Paul Janish. He was finally getting some playing time with the Reds, after Adam Rosales was sent down. He didn't hit as well as he had earlier in the season. (Perhaps not surprisingly, since he was so buried on the bench I sometimes wondered if he'd been abducted by aliens or something.) His glove had been solid...until last night, when he made an error that resulted in the Cardinals taking the lead (and eventually winning). Ball took a tough hop and bounced off his belly. It was a tougher play than it looked, but still...I bet he didn't sleep too well last night.

Edwin Encarnacion is back in the lineup, so Janish probably won't getting much playing time. Have a cookie, kid, and make yourself comfortable on the bench. You'll probably be there for awhile.

Looks like Andy Phillips was 1 for 5 in yesterday's (today's) game. Wish I could find a site that gave box scores in English.

Happy Fourth of July, all!

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try this link for box scores for hiroshima carp
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