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Monday, June 08, 2009


The May 14th game in Scranton was rained out. Meant to post these photos, but didn't get around to it until now.

It didn't look too bad at first. And the weather report said the rain would clear by 7pm (or I wouldn't have bothered driving out there, since it's a bit of schlepp).

But it just kept getting worse and worse. I sat in the top row of my section; it was under the overhang, and therefore dry. There hardly anyone there, so nobody hassled me about sitting in someone else's seat.

Some fans arrived, took one look at the rain pouring down, and said, "No way is the game being played tonight."

The usher disagreed. "No, no. They'll get the game in. The radar shows that this will pass soon, and then it's clear skies for the rest of the night."

As he said this, the sky really opened up. The rain was coming down in buckets. It was raining about as hard as I have ever seen it rain anywhere (and I've seen tropical monsoons). The stands starting filling up with water.

And over the PA came the announcement: game rained out. Doubleheader tomorrow. Exchange your tickets at the box office.

So I had a long drive home. In pouring rain.

There was a really nice double rainbow as I left.

Yeah, I know. I shouldn't be taking photos while driving. I couldn't resist. It's been a long time since I've seen a double rainbow.

According to people who live in the area, it actually did stop raining shortly after they called the game, and it was clear the rest of the night.

I must have followed the storm as I drove home. It rained so heavily that many cars and trucks pulled over on the side of I-84 and parked, waiting for the rain to pass. I kept going, but I drove very slowly. I'm a bit of a leadfoot usually, but I was going as slow as 40 mph in a 65 mph zone at some points, just to keep from hydroplaning. Not a fun drive.

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