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Monday, June 15, 2009

Power outage

The Charlotte Knights game was rained out, so Andy Phillips didn't play tonight. It seemed to me that he wasn't playing as well as he had been, so I checked his stats...yikes. He's really been in a slump this month. He's batting only .200 in June, and his OBP is a miserable .250. It's a small sample size, of course. He started out blistering hot, so perhaps it's inevitable that his numbers would go down.

Still...Andy's hit insanely well in AAA for the past few years. He's hit .300 or better since 2004, with good power. Indeed, I think that's why the Yankees kept him on the roster when players like Bubba Crosby and Nick Green were cut loose. The Yanks always had a thing for power hitters, and they liked Andy's stick. But this year, even when he was hitting well, he wasn't hitting with the usual power. Just a fluke? The result of his back injury? Something to keep an eye on, I guess.


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Andy's been released.
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