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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Baseball Stuff

Well, the Yankees have changed the batting practice rules for fans. Fans with cheap tickets will now be allowed in the pricey lower level to seek autographs and photos before the game. Only in the outfield sections (the light blue sections in the chart), though. The players will be encouraged to go out there to sign and chat with fans.

I guess that's better than nothing. Though I can't help but think they're only doing it because they're having trouble selling tickets and are being forced to be more accommodating to the fans because of the economy. And really, would it have killed them to open up the entire lower section during BP? Fans without tickets in the field level section will be forced to leave 1 hour and 45 minutes after the gates open - 1 hour and 15 minutes before the game starts. Are there really going to be many people in the Legends seats that early? They aren't there even during the game. And if there are, would it kill them to share the section with the peons?

I think they should allow all ticket-holding fans everywhere during BP. Let security keep people moving if there are too many or they're too rambunctious. ("Okay, son, you've had your chance. Time to go back to your seat.") They've got more than enough security for that.

Marlins rookie Chris Coghlan sounds like a spoiled brat. He's whining because the fan who caught his first home run ball asked for too much. When I read the first paragraph, I thought it was going to be like the guy who caught that milestone ball of Posada's. He asked for $20,000 - which seemed a bit much, considering that it wouldn't be worth much to anyone else. It was just a personal milestone for Jorgie. Still, Jorgie didn't whine. He just said, "Forget it."

And as it turns out, the fan who caught Coghlan's ball didn't ask for all that much. Even if Coghlan's version of events is right, the guy asked for tickets to a future game, and a signed bat and jersey from a more famous teammate (Hanley Ramirez). The fan says he didn't ask for all that, but even if he what? It's not a lot. Coghlan can probably get the tickets free. And Ramirez wouldn't help out his teammate by signing a jersey and a bat?

Jeez, kid. You're making more money than the average fan can even dream of. Be a little more generous of spirit. If you thought he was asking for too much, fine, but no need to whine about it. It makes you look bad, not him.

Now here's a guy with serious problems. Jim Leyritz was hospitalized, reportedly due to suicide concerns. He was upset because of his upcoming trial on manslaughter charges, and because the Breathalyzer in his car wouldn't let him start it.

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