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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Janish does a Swisher

The Reds started today with the best team ERA in major league baseball. I haven't checked, but I suspect that isn't the case now. Bronson Arroyo had nothing, giving up 9 runs without recording a single out in the second inning. The game was a 10-3 blowout by the ninth, when manager Dusty Baker, trying to spare his bullpen, looked around for a position player to take the mound. Janish had revealed previously that he had been recruited as a pitcher in college, and was a closer there before being converted to SS because Rice had so much pitching talent.

Janish has a good arm. He was throwing over 90 mph according to the stadium gun. (Swisher's "fastball" was 75 mph, with one pitch touching 80 mph.) Soft-J got two strikeouts, but ended up giving up 5 hits and five runs, including a home run. He now has a 45 ERA, but Dusty was just happy he got out of the inning.

Janish walks off the field after the pitching the ninth:

Looks like the fans appreciate him for giving it the good old college try, at least.


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I can't decide if that headline is intentionally or unintentionally hilarious. Leaning towards the former.
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