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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Error or Interference?

Just a little offline...

The Reds-Marlins game was grueling last night - 14 innings. I'd been hoping Paul Janish would get more playing time. After Alex Gonzalez left the game with an oblique strain, Janish got his chance. He played SS and went 2 for 2...but his error ended the game, when his throw to 1B skipped past Herrera.

Dusty Baker didn't blame Janish. He blamed pitcher Danny Ray Herrera for not getting to 1B quickly enough. But many fans blamed interference on the part of Hanley Ramirez.

Wow. I’m all for sliding in hard to break up the DP, but that’s flagrant interference. WAY off line. Even the homer announcers admitted it. Not that I expect the umps to call it, in the 14th inning of a May game. I’m sure they just wanted to go home, but still…wow.

And it really wasn’t that bad a throw, all things considered. Herrera probably would have gotten it, if he got to the bag early enough.

Janish said he didn't think Hanley was out of line. I think he was. Way off line...


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