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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Charlotte Knights at SWB Yankees, May 13, 2009

Andy Phillips showed no mercy to his former team

Andy Phillips started at 1B and batted cleanup for the Charlotte Knights. He was 2 for 4 with a run scored, but did the most damage with his glove. He made three amazing plays that just killed the SWB Yanks. I'm afraid I didn't get any photos of those; they just happened too fast. Two of them were stabbing grabs of what seemed like sure base hits. In the other, he ran all the way out to right field, and reached into the stands to grab a foul ball. I could hardly believe he got out there. He was very deep in right field when he made the catch.

I think Andy was checking out my camera:

And here he is on the top step of the dugout. Looks like he still has those blond and red highlights, for those who were wondering:

Starting for the Baby Bombers was Casey Fossum. He was released by the Mets earlier in the season, and signed a minor league contract with the Yankees. The fans next to me, a couple of older gentlemen, were surprised to see him, and even more surprised that he wasn't on the 40-man roster.

Going for the Knights was former Yankee Jose Contreras. He pitched so poorly for the White Sox that they sent him to the bullpen, and then to the minors. He cleared waivers, and ended up starting for the Knights.

Donny Lucy and Andy Phillips with Contreras on the mound.

Andy uses his amazing powers of telekinesis to levitate a baseball in midair:

Austin Jackson at the plate. He went 1 for 3 with a walk.

Andy singles:

He would eventually score, two singles and a GIDP later. He celebrates with this teammates:

Not sure what was going on here. He was talking to someone in the dugout:

White Sox outfielder Brian Anderson was with the Knights on a rehab assignment.

Andy got very upset over a call by the home plate umpire. He started in towards the plate, but a coach stepped in and blocked him.

He was still mad, complaining to the 1B umpire, two outs later.

I saw him get upset in a similar situation during a spring training game last year. Seems kind of odd, since Andy seems like such a nice guy. But he didn't seem to be upset for himself. Both times, he seemed to be angry on behalf of a teammate, so perhaps it's a team loyalty thing.

First baseman Juan Miranda at bat:

Andy walking into the dugout after the final out. He seemed to know some of the people in the stands, and was talking to them.

Final score: Charlotte 2, Scranton 0. As of this game, the SWB Yankees had gone over 44 innings without scoring a run.

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