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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Andy Still in Charlotte

Andy Phillips' favorite TV show is The Andy Griffith Show, set in fictional Mayberry, North Carolina. I hope that means he likes the Tarheel State, because it appears that's where he's staying. The White Sox have activated Jayson Nix and called up Scott Podsednik, but Andy remains with the Charlotte Knights.

He did not play today, but I assume it was just a day off. He's played every day since he was traded to Charlotte, and managers often like to rest their veterans on Sundays.

Andy's still hitting well. He's playing 1B and 2B, with a little left field thrown in. Hopefully he'll get his opportunity eventually.

Ah, well. It looks like I'll get my chance to see him play this week. The Knights will be in Scranton to play a series Tuesday through Friday nights. I plan to attend at least one of those games - maybe all of them, if I'm feeling ambitious.


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