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Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm wilting on the vine here. Almost 90F in just ain't right.

The Yankees aren't doing so well, either. Even worse than losing a close game in overtime is losing a game that you had been winning in an apparent blowout.

And no, I don't think the problem is A-Rod's absence and the presence of players like Brett Gardner, Cody Ransom, and Melky Cabrera in the lineup. The Yankees are scoring a ton of runs. The problem is they are giving up even more. They have the worst ERA in the league.

Joba Chamberlain is not pitching well as a starter. He's reminding me more and more of Jaret Wright, the five-inning wonder. Even worse was Wang, who struggled to even get out of the second inning. The pen is exhausted - not least because Cashman decided to go with no long man.

And to think pitching was supposed to be the Yanks' strong suit this year.

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