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Thursday, April 02, 2009


Of course the big news is that Gary Sheffield has been released. The Tigers are eating his $14 million contract. Sheff is 40 now, had a bad year last year, and didn't do well in spring training. And his attitude problems are well-documented. Nevertheless, teams are interested. Among them, the Reds and the Phillies.

Among the lesser transactions:

The Yankees re-acquired catcher Chris Stewart, from the team that originally drafted him (the White Sox). I assume he left the Yanks as a six-year free agent.

I must say, I don't understand this one. If they wanted him, why not sign him directly, instead of trading for him? And why did the Yankees want him? He didn't obviously didn't impress them, either in Scranton or the Bronx. Sure, they need some insurance for Posada, but if Stewart couldn't handle it last year, why trade for him this year? If they need Jorgie insurance, sign a guy like Chad Moeller. Maybe Paul Bako, who was recently released by the Cubs.

The Dodgers released Brad Halsey. Halsey was drafted by the Yankees (twice!), then sent to the D-Backs as part of the trade that put Randy Johnson in pinstripes.

And the Mets released Ron Villone.

Jason Romano was released by the Astros. Romano was a pal of Bubba's when they were both with the Dodgers:

Bubba Crosby, Jason Romano, and Paul Lo Duca

He was the guy who was joking about Bubba being traded to the Yankees, minutes before the trade deadline...only to have it come true.

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