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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright

Ron Villone signed a minor league contract with the Nationals. The Nats released him earlier this year.

Andy Phillips went 1 for 3 yesterday, and is now batting .500.

He's in the lineup again tonight. As in the earlier games, he's batting 8th and playing 2B.

Why 8th? He's been more of a middle of the order hitter lately, at least in his minor league career. I think that means they're confident that he can handle the stick, and want to give the kids more at-bats. (Andy's easily the oldest guy in the starting lineup.) What the Pirates want to know is whether he can handle the glove in positions other than 1B.

I live roughly midway between Syracuse and Scranton. I've never been to a Syracuse Chiefs game, though. Being a Yankee fan, I prefer going to Scranton. I've been thinking about going to Syracuse when Indianapolis plays there early next month. I'd like to see Andy play. Indianapolis will be coming to Scranton in late June, but Andy might be called up by then.

I'd also like to visit Watkins Glen State Park, which is an hour or two from Syracuse. I've heard it's stunningly beautiful. The only problem is the Gorge Trail might not be open yet in early May.


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